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Municipality Zagorje ob Savi
The municipality of Zagorje ob Sava lies in the heart of Slovenia. It covers an area of ​ […]
Partnerstvo LAS Zasavje
The purpose of the LAS is to promote sustainable and balanced development of rural and ur […]
Project LESARIUS (Center za zunanjo ureditev, v...
Operation Lesarius is a "5-sense" interactive permanent and mobile museu […]
KRC Hrastnik Javni zavod za kulturo šport mladi...
The cultural and recreational center carries out cultural, sports and tourist activities. […]
TIC Hrastnik
The tourist information center Hrastnik can be found in the center of Hrastnik (Naselje A […]
Turistično društvo Trbovlje
Trbovlje Tourist Association is one of the most active associations in Trbovlje and Zasav […]
Mountain bike park Cilenca trails
The history of Cilenca In 2020, a new mountain bike park was built on the slopes of Cilen […]
Kolesarski klub Zagorska dolina
The Zagorska Dolina Cycling Club unites cycling enthusiasts from the Zagorska Dolina Vall […]
Avtohiša Kržišnik
The company started its entrepreneurial career way back in 1981. At first, it was a car p […]
Bologna Welcome srl
Bologna Welcome is Bologna’s Convention & Visitors Bureau and is responsible for the […]
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