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The history of Cilenca In 2020, a new mountain bike park was built on the slopes of Cilence above the ŠRCO Evropark, which, when it opens in 2021, offers four dedicated mountain bike trails, namely: Forest Bump (Flow), Jumanji, E.T. and French Connection. The park covers an area of ​​16 hectares and has a height difference of 200 – 230 m. Access to the top is 2.5 km long and takes about 15 minutes of easy pedaling or 5 km on a slightly more difficult route. The tracks are designed so that everyone can have fun on them and find a new challenge for themselves.

The Cilenca Trails mountain bike park is a project of the Zagorska Dolina Cycling Club, which in the past years built the first pumptrack training ground in Zasavje with the help of the local community, and with the Cilenca Trail mountain bike park we are adding new cycling content to the area and developing Zagorje ob Savi into a cycling destination, with everything necessary infrastructure. Mountain biking courses, riding technique workshops and various other educational events will take place in the park, and on weekends there will also be a shuttle to the top of the park for those who prefer to descend and pedal a little less. The park will be regularly maintained and upgraded, plans for the future have already been set, which means that this is just the beginning of the story of mountain biking in Zagorje ob Sava.

Area of Cilnce Europark
The area of ​​Cilence, where new mountain biking trails are planned, is located directly above the recreation area of ​​the municipality of Zagorje ob Savi, called Evropark, where we can find space for various sports and leisure activities. In the area four years ago, in cooperation with the municipality, we arranged a cycling pumptrack training ground for learning the basics of cycling and a safe form of cycling recreation, and new mountain biking trails would be an excellent upgrade and connection to the existing training ground, which we want to connect under the common brand Cilenca Trails. The park, together with the pumptrack training ground, the accompanying facility and the “skills park” for learning the basics, would become the center of cycling in the region and the starting point for other routes in the municipality.

On opening day and later on weekends, Cilenca Trails will have an electric van shuttle with a capacity of 8 riders. The shuttle picks you up at a designated point near the exit of the park and takes you on a 5 km long road to the top, from where it is about 7 minutes of easy pedaling, a bit on asphalt and a bit on a forest road, to the first trail in the French Connection park. Shuttle pick-up and drop-off points are marked on the Trailforks map. Each ride is limited to 8 riders.

There are currently four dedicated trails available in the Cilenca Trails mountain bike park:
Forest Bump (Flow) – 1122 m / 191 vm
Jumanji (Singletrack) – 1270 m / 272 vm
E.T. (Singletrack) – 330 m / 72 vm
French Connection. (Access trail)


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