TIC Hrastnik

Detailed Information

The tourist information center Hrastnik can be found in the center of Hrastnik (Naselje Aleša Kaple 9a). At the crossroads somewhere in the middle of the Hrastnik valley, where the roads to Trbovlje, the center of Hrastnik and Dol pri Hrastnik split, head towards the center of Hrastnik. The route takes you past the NOB monument, the TVD Partizan building and the Hrastnik Fire Station, then past the Spar store. At the intersection, where you see a fountain with a monument to two miners on your right, turn right and then left towards the market.

Tourism offer

  • reception of visitors and free provision of information,
  • collection of data for the local and Zasava area for the needs of informing visitors,
  • organization, coordination and implementation of local tourist management in the area of ​​Hrastnik and Zasavje,
  • receiving and forwarding visitors’ comments and complaints regarding the tourist offer to the competent authorities,
  • preparation and development of own tourist programs and products (events, etc.) for the local area and cooperation with other organizations and organizers in Zasavje and beyond, cooperation in the preparation of event calendars, coordinating and coordinating the dates of local events in the Hrastnik area, cooperation in the preparation of promotional material with Zasava municipalities, regional and other institutions, cooperation with national institutions (Tourist Association of Slovenia, SPIRIT Slovenia, etc.),
  • other local associations, social enterprises and other institutions that carry out activities in the field of tourism in the local area and the area of ​​Zasavje,
  • cooperation in the preparation and implementation of projects in the field of tourism in the local and Zasava region,
  • participation in the organization of traditional and other local and regional events, or in the joint promotion of the region,
  • promoting the tourist offer at the municipal and regional level via the website, social networks and through participation in events and fairs,
  • raising awareness and encouraging the local population to have a positive attitude towards tourists and tourism,
  • sale of souvenirs and other products of local or regional character,
  • renting out equipment (bikes, etc.).
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