Avtohiša Kržišnik

Contact Information
SELO PRI ZAGORJU 65 1410, ZAGORJE OB SAVI, Zagorje ob Savi 1410
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Detailed Information

The company started its entrepreneurial career way back in 1981. At first, it was a car painting business. Later, the offer was supplemented with vehicle repair and towing, and in 1990, also with vehicle rental.
In 1996, they obtained a license for the authorized sale and service of Mazda vehicles, then in 2005 for the Suzuki brand, and in 2008 for the KIA brand (until 2018). In 2013, Suzuki became an importer or distributor.

The company boasts a high-quality offer, modern equipment and specialized experts who can offer services from practically all motoring activities. In addition to the authorized sale of new vehicles and additional equipment and servicing of the aforementioned Mazda and Suzuki brands, they also offer the sale of used vehicles, all auto bodywork and painting work (for all vehicle brands), vehicle servicing (for all vehicle brands), vehicle and motorhome rental, vehicle towing , tire center with tire storage. There is a state-of-the-art automatic self-service car wash that allows pre-washing, underbody washing, waxing,…
They have contracts with all major Slovenian insurance companies for the repair of car damage (coupons, comprehensive insurance, etc.). When the car is repaired, they allow you to rent a replacement vehicle. The company currently employs 13 people + contract employees (if necessary) and external experts.
The ownership is domestic – a family business.
The company imports (Mazda and Suzuki vehicles), spare parts and raw materials. The largest share is imported from Hungary, Germany and Austria.
Given the structure of their operation, internationalization is not interesting to them, as they base their sales primarily on end customers, who are natural persons.
Investment opportunities are not relevant for them because they have a bad experience in participating in tenders and in the field of capital acquisition. They finance all matters from reserves and their own savings.

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