Pronacul Virtual Chamber

A consulting body for tourism developers, where regions will exchange experiences and best practices in managing natural and cultural heritage


Management and sharing

Members only

Help Available: +302621034154 hours: 8am-9pm

The common methodology will be disseminated to policy makers in a form of recommendations for concrete local, regional and national policy documents

PRONACUL’s project approach goes beyond existing practice with virtual chamber establishment as a permanent service

This will be a consulting service for stakeholders in pilot areas in order to generate successful promotion strategies

The clubs, the bars, the live shows. There is so much to do in the Adriatic-Ionian Region, and so little time to do it.

Enjoy the finest cuizine The Adriatic Area has to offer, from local Italian street food to the top chef menus in Greece.  

If it’s fun you’re after, it’s fun you are going to get. Explore various music scenes around the Adriatic-Ionian Region & find out what they’re all about.

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RAS Tourist complex
Tourist resort "Ras" is located in a picturesque setting at the mouth of the Sebečevska r […]
Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul
The Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul (Serbian: Црква светих апостола Петра и Па […]
Đurđevi Stupovi Monastery
The Đurđevi Stupovi Monastery is a Serbian Orthodox monastery located in the vicinity of […]
Sopoćani Monastery
The Sopoćani Monastery  an endowment of King Stefan Uroš I of Serbia, was built from 1259 […]
Stari Ras fortress
On Gradina hill near the city of Novi Pazar stands Stari Ras, a 12th century fortress. Bu […]
Park of Nature "Orjen" Trebinje
Orjen is the highest mountain in Dinaric maritime part, and its highest peak (out of 5 pe […]
Tourist Agency operating in the area of Imola and Faenza (Metropolitan City of Bologna, E […]
Fondazione per lo Sport Silvia Parente
The Silvia Parente Foundation for Sport acts exclusively with social solidarity and non-p […]

welcome to the adriatic area

Don't miss attractions like the Temple of Epikourios, the canals of Venice.... and many more.

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