Partnerstvo LAS Zasavje

Detailed Information

The purpose of the LAS is to promote sustainable and balanced development of rural and urban areas in the area of ​​the municipalities of Hrastnik, Trbovlje and Zagorje ob Savi by combining human, spatial and financial resources according to the “bottom-up” approach, which will be ensured by the active inclusion of the population of the Zasavje LAS area in joint planning and decision-making on own local development according to the principle of subsidiarity and participatory democracy.

The common purpose should be realized through the implementation of operations or projects that will have an impact on as many target groups as possible and the entire area of ​​operation of LAS Zasavje, while pursuing the following goals:
– promotion of social inclusion and the fight against poverty and any kind of discrimination,
– reduction of regional development differences and economic development of the area,
– preservation of nature, protection of the environment, cultural heritage, cultural landscape and its elements.

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