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promote and transfer common methodology

Our goal is to coordinate transnational networking activities to build a network between areas which will ensure the sustainability of their project results.

The Sky's The Limit

Partners of the PRONACUL Virtual Chamber

The results of pilot actions in partner regions will be used to show the effectiveness of the common methodology in practice.
Follow-up proposals will be prepared to show the maturity of pilot areas to actively include stakeholders in the preparation of strategies in the field of economic development, culture, and tourism.

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RAS Tourist complex
Tourist resort "Ras" is located in a picturesque setting at the mouth of the Sebečevska r […]
Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul
The Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul (Serbian: Црква светих апостола Петра и Па […]
Đurđevi Stupovi Monastery
The Đurđevi Stupovi Monastery is a Serbian Orthodox monastery located in the vicinity of […]
Sopoćani Monastery
The Sopoćani Monastery  an endowment of King Stefan Uroš I of Serbia, was built from 1259 […]
Stari Ras fortress
On Gradina hill near the city of Novi Pazar stands Stari Ras, a 12th century fortress. Bu […]
Park of Nature "Orjen" Trebinje
Orjen is the highest mountain in Dinaric maritime part, and its highest peak (out of 5 pe […]
Tourist Agency operating in the area of Imola and Faenza (Metropolitan City of Bologna, E […]
Fondazione per lo Sport Silvia Parente
The Silvia Parente Foundation for Sport acts exclusively with social solidarity and non-p […]
We are DEMETRA FORMAZIONE, integrated services provider for training and work. We partic […]
Veritas Winery
The Veritas winery is situated on the slopes of the Fruška Gora Mountain bordered by the […]
Homestead Banstolka
Agricultural farm "Holiday house Banstolka" consists of a holiday house with three large […]
Remeta Monastery
The Velika Remeta Monastery is a Serbian Orthodox monastery located in the village of Vel […]
Šijački winery
The family winery Šijački is situated on the banks of the Danube River in the village of […]
Faculty of Sciences, University of Novi Sad
The Faculty of Sciences has been a credible partner for years, involved in national and i […]
Fruške terme resort & residences
In a rural area at the edge of Fruška Gora National Park, this upscale spa hotel is 1 km […]
Fruška Gora National Park
Just half an hour’s drive from the city of Novi Sad and an hour and a half from Belgrade […]
Kovačević winery
The seat of the wine superpower from Fruška Gora, Kovačević Winery (Vinarija Kovačević) i […]
Krušedol Monastery
Кrušedol Monastery, with the church dedicated to the Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin M […]

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