Park of Nature "Orjen" Trebinje

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Orjen is the highest mountain in Dinaric maritime part, and its highest peak (out of 5 peaks over 1800m) “Zubački kabao” is 1894 meters high. Today’s structure of Orjen was formed by glaciers which caused part of its floral diversity. Main factor that influenced flora on Orjen was its climate, with cold and wet winters and long summer dry periods.  Along with karsts areas, there are also parts covered with fir, endemic “Munika”, black pine and beech forests. There are also different endemic species which were not sufficiently introduced by science, such as particular kinds of Iris, Paeonia mascula, Acer heldreichi or Batula pendula…

Orjen/Ubla is very attractive location for mountaineers or enthusiasts such as hikers, picnickers, or nature devotees. Expeditions can be organized from Bosnia and Herzegovina (Trebinje) or from Montenegro (Herceg Novi, Kotor, Risan). As Orjen is located between three neighboring countries (BiH, Montenegro and Croatia), it is very easily accessible for international tourists, adventurists or scientist from any of these countries. Because of its various values, Orjen was recognized by NATURA 2000 and declared as Nature Park at the end of 2020. by relevant authorities.

Participation in ADRION projects strongly influenced the enrichment of the tourist offer in Park of Nature Orjen, and its tourist valorization, which caused increase of visits to the Mountain. Even if it still requires investments in proper infrastructure and contents, preserving of its natural and cultural values still remains the main goal through future initiatives.

Aforementioned contribution reflects in some attractive contents such as:

  • Via ferrattas, harder on at peak “Vučji zub” and easier one on the peak “Kabao”;
  • 10m high artificial climbing rock;
  • 50m mini zip-line for children in front of Mountain Hut “Ubla”
  • Info boards on 5 locations with information about Orjen, its flora and fauna, available trails etc;
  • Marked hiking and cycling trails;
  • Mountain resting place at the location “Pirina poljana”.
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Park of Nature "Orjen" Trebinje
Orjen is the highest mountain in Dinaric maritime part, and its highest peak (out of 5 pe […]
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