PRONACUL will be attending the 7th annual EUSAIR forum

The Zasavje Regional Development Agency, Lead Partner of the PRONACUL Project, Ilia Chamber and Region of Ionian Islands will be among the project partners, who will attend the 7th annual forum of the EU Strategy for the Adriatic and Ionian Region (EUSAIR), 16-18 May 2022 in Tirana.

During said event, the participating members of PRONACUL will not only have the chance to discuss about the latest project developments, but will also join networking and dissemination activities, in order to raise awareness about the project and its goals.

The 7th annual EUSAIR forum poses a great opportunity for the PRONACUL partnership to examine the potential of synergetic actions and follow-up projects, which will capitalize on the projects results and will further support the development of transnational strategies for jointly promoting the ADRION area as a tourist destination

PRONACUL is a project, which strongly emphasizes the idea of the promotion and preservation of natural and cultural heritage, comprising of partners located in areas with heritage sights, protected by UNESCO or Natura 2000.

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