PRONACUL presentation at the European Commission headquarters

Representatives of the European Commission have invited the Regional Development Agency Zasavje to present the PRONACUL project at the European Commission’s headquarters in Brussels on January 10, 2023.

The Regional Development Agency Zasavje presented the PRONACUL project in the context of sustainable tourism destinations of natural and cultural heritage in the field of new innovative approaches and models, with a focus on the development of Natura 2000 sites. PRONACUL’s presentation focused on project outcomes, outputs, and deliverables, as well as future activities and pilot areas, with an emphasis on investments with a unique innovative and demonstrative character. Experiences from the pilot areas helped formulating proposals for inclusion of a common methodology for management of natural and cultural heritage that connects all partner destinations in a transnational route, which will be certified by the European Institute of Cultural Routes, with a possibility to be placed under “Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe”.

Following the project presentation, it was agreed to broaden the project’s outreach to policymakers as well as key stakeholders by disseminating project results, outputs, and deliverables in the form of recommendations for concrete local, regional, national, and transnational strategy documents to ensure further development in the field of valorisation and preservation of natural and cultural heritage in the ADRION area. The Regional Development Agency Zasavje has invited European Commission representatives to the March 2023 International Networking Conference on Promoting Natural and Cultural Heritage for the Development of Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas.

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