Winery Acumincum

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Winery Acumincum was founded in 2011 in Stari Slankamen.  Winery Acumincum resides in Srem Vineyard Region and Fruška Gora Vineyard Region, the most famous and most developed vineyard regions in our country. It was named after the Roman fortress Acumincum (a settlement on the hill) located on the hill above Stari Slankamen. The winery is located in a house, legally protected as a cultural monument.  The house was built in several phases. The Turkish bath (hamam) was built in the 16th century. The remains of the bath are situated in the cellar, which is part of the wine tasting hall. The other parts were built in the 18th century when the remains of the bath served as the foundation for building the Parish House of Roman Catholic Church of Saint Nicolas the Bishop. The bath is one of two preserved baths from the Turkish period in the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina. It consists of three rooms doomed by a semicircular vault, which are part of the exhibition area today.

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