Auto-Moto Association Pinko Tomažič Piran (Avto-Moto društvo Pinko Tomažič Piran)

Detailed Information

The Pinko Tomažič Piran Automobile Association was founded on January 1, 1954. In our nearly 60-year history, we have trained a large number of good drivers, and throughout the years since our establishment, our quality staff has taken care of the quality, professional and, last but not least, safe driving of all those who have been introduced to traffic regulations in our association.

Due to space constraints and the desire to raise the level of services, the headquarters of the association moved to Avtokamp Strunjan in 1974, where it remains today. In addition to the activities of the driving school, the association also took over the management of the car camp, which experienced a real boom just after the takeover.

Today, the Pinko Tomažič Piran Auto-moto Club is one of the most successful driving schools on the Coast, and the Strunjan Campground is one of the most beautiful camps by the Slovenian sea.

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