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Anigriades nymphes is a social cooperative enterprise (SCE) based in the area of Anemochori in the municipality of Pyrgos. It is housed in the under construction site of the old railway station “Anemochori stop” in the area of the old dried up lake Agulinitsa. A former wetland with significant usable and arable land reaching up to the beach of Kyparissiakos gulf. It is located between the delta of the river Alpheios and Lake Caiaphas. In the surrounding area, which is currently under several types of work, there is a road that connects Kalamata with ancient Olympia and Patras as well as a small local airport that operates with small aircrafts.

The general philosophy of the SCE is the development of the area in the environmental, cultural and touristic sectors, with the aim of being a place visited by the public that will learn the history of the area from mythology to the modern era as well as the contribution of the wetlands that surround it . At the same time, local products, such as excellent quality olive oil, honey and pasta will be available from local producers. Digital representations, sports fields, recreational areas, a small outdoor amphitheater and a space for artistic events, will invite the visitor to share experiences and get to know the hospitality of Elis.

In the general context of operation and experience, there is the re-operation of the old railway line that will transport the visitor to the nearby destinations, in order to enjoy nature holistically, in an area that combines lake, river, beach and pine forest ecosystems. Collaborations with public and state bodies have given us the opportunity to hold the first festival of ancient Fia, to publish the children’s fairy tale “The journey of Alpheios” as well as to co-organize -with the help of the municipality of Pyrgos- the network of riverside cities “Alpheios” with the aim of the sustainability of the ecosystem.

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