Sustainable tourism, valorisation of cultural identities and local development

Metropolitan City of Bologna has organized two Workshops as examples of good practice in sustainable tourism and networking opportunities between operators: the Via degli Dei and the Ciclovia del Santerno, both pedestrian and cycle paths.

The first workshop was held on the afternoon of Monday 11 April along a stretch of the Via degli Dei where the participants, accompanied by a local guide, walked a section of the path characterized by the presence of Roman cobblestones near Pian di Balestra (a hamlet in the municipality of San Benedetto Val di Sambro). The excursion ended at the Foitonda info-point and, together with Appenino Slow, it was discussed the promotional activities, the investments made in recent years by local administrations and the importance of actively involving communities.

The second workshop was implemented on Monday 30 May along the Ciclovia del Santerno. The excursion began at the headquarters of IF – Imola Faenza Tourism Company where, together with the mayor of Imola, it was discussed the tourist services connected to the Ciclovia del Santerno, the benefit and the impact, together with investment made. To provide an overview of the cycle route, the workshop was constructed in stages starting from Imola to Castel del Rio, with stops at Borgo Tossignano and Fontanelice. In order to gain first-hand knowledge of some of the cultural and natural experiences offered by the area, participants were able to take a guided bike ride along the river and they had small tasting moments hosted by the local companies of the territories.  

The event, open to public and private operators, citizens and students, was an opportunity for discussion and networking, and above all a valuable occasion to present the tourist services already in operation within the proposed itineraries and the good practices with the aim of enhancing the cultural and natural heritage and proposing the territory in a unified and attractive manner.

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