PRONACUL project Products Promotions

Regional Development Agency Zasavje organised a promotion of products created within the PRONACUL project on 1st March 2023. The aim of the event, which took place in the House of Local Flavours Pr Čop in Podkum, was to promote the preservation of natural and cultural heritage in protected areas, which in the municipality of Zagorje ob Savi consist of seven Nature 2000 sites in connection with the Zagorje Mining Museum in Kisovec.

The event was attended by local stakeholders involved in tourism, natural and cultural heritage, farmers, young people, entrepreneurs and representatives of associations. In the first part, the project promoters presented the results and impacts of the project and the activities carried out, focusing on the investments in the pilot areas with a particular innovative and demonstrative character. “In our region, we presented a thematic trail linking seven Nature 2000 sites in the Zagorje municipality with the Zagorje Mining Museum, produced leaflets about the project and the region, and erected information boards on the ground with protected species of flora and fauna, established a regular transport link with an electric van between the nature sites for visitors and local people from more remote rural areas, set up a charging station for electric vehicles, which will also be accessible to all users in advance, and much more,” said Andraž Malovrh, project manager at RRA Zasavje.

A virtual chamber has also been set up and 46 good practices have been transferred between the pilot areas among partners from 6 countries. “In Žužemberk, the project set up an Ecomuseum, in the vicinity of Mostar, the Stolac – Jablanica National Park was landscaped, in Trebinje a climbing ferrata was built, and in Strunjan an electric bicycle rental system was set up,” said Jernej Lipar, the project’s financial manager.

The presentation of the project was followed by a culinary event, where various providers presented the potential of the Zasavje liver dishes to be certified. As part of the process to certify the products as a specification for a Traditional Speciality Guaranteed, a special committee recorded the suggestions made by local stakeholders during the tasting. The catering products for the tasting were contributed by Gostišče Kum, Frtica Litija, Kramžar butchery, Žonta farm, Anton butchery and Kum butchery.

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