PRONACUL press conference

Regional Development Agency Zasavje organised a press conference in the framework of the PRONACUL project on Wednesday, 1st March 2023. As the project is coming to an end this March, the results and impacts of the project and the activities carried out were presented in the House of Local Flavours Pr Čop in the area of Podkum, Zagorje ob Savi municipality, with a focus on the pilot areas, which in the municipality of Zagorje ob Savi consist of seven Nature 2000 sites in connection with the Zagorje Mining Museum in Kisovec. In addition to the local television ETV, the national media DELO and Televizija Slovenija also responded to the invitation. At the end of the press conference, we made statements that we strive to the future, as we have established strong links with our partners, which we want to build on by submitting a project idea to the Interreg ADRION call for proposals in the next financial perspective 2021-2027.

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