Via-Ferrata "Vučji zub", Park of nature "Orjen", Trebinje

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Тrail: Mountainering hut “Ubla” – Via-Ferrata “Vučji Zub” (Alttitude – 1805m/3h15min)




All marked hiking trails on Orjen start from the Ubla plateau/picnic area 1020m/asl, or more precisely from the “Ubla” mountaineering hut. It can be reached from Trebinje by approximately 15-20 km asphalt road which firstly goes from Trebinje towards Herceg Novi (MNE) and, after 10 km from Trebinje and passing village of Tuli, turns left where traffic sign shows direction to Ubla. From the mentioned turning left, narrow road continues directly and with no additional turnings to the “Ubla picnic area”.

Start from the “Ubla” mountain hut, across the picnic area – the Ubla plateau, along the asphalt road to the monument of Luka Vukalović, the leader of the Herzegovinian uprising against the Ottomans.

Then the trail goes along a macadam road, and after 200 meters it branches off to the left with a shortcut that again enters the road after 500 meters, then one more little shortcut and we’re on our way again.

We continue along the road and soon you reach the top of Koprivni do where you need to go left, the road that turns to the right goes down to the hamlet of Koprivni do.

You have passed about 2 km and you continue on the same road until, after another kilometer, you reach the separation of the path towards Velika Jastrebica and here, you will find marking/directional sign.

We continue by macadam road for another 3,5 km when we will reach the valley “Pirina poljana” (6,5 km from Ubla), or more precisely the place “Pirin brijeg” (we recommend a bit longer break here), from where there is a beautiful view of the peaks that surround this area: Vučji zub, Prase ridge, behind which you can see the top of “Zubački/Veliki Kabao” on the left, and on the right you can see peaks “Buganja greda” and “Visoki brijeg”. A resting place/area which can serve as a shelter in case of a storm has been built at this place.

The trail continues along the edge of Pirina poljana and after 500m we reach the place where path turns left to the ridge connecting peaks “Jastrebica” and “Vučji zub”. Peak “Vučji zub” could also be approached following this path, but this would be much more difficult path because it passes over “Kršelj marble”, an area of ​​extreme karst with several exposed parts.

At 8 km from “Ubla”, we will reach place “Dobri do” (1380m/asl) (We recommend a short break at resting place at the center of “Dobri do”, at the edge of the forest on the left, from where there is a marked shortcut towards trail to “Vučji zub”, Via-Ferrata “Vučji zub”, “Veliko okno” and “Prasa”).

At the entrance to “Dobri do”, the trail turns to the left towards “Vučji zub”, “Prasa”, “Veliko okno” and Via ferrata “Vučji zub”, and to the right, the path leads to the highest peak of Orjen “Zubački/ Veliki kabao”, peaks “Buganja Greda”, “Visoki Brijeg” and to the Ice Cave.

We continue to the left through beech forest towards the place with the nice view of south-western steep cliff of “Vučji zub” peak (short break recommended here). We are passing the small plateau and coming in front of small grove, with turn to the “Veliko okno” (10 minutes distance), and to Via-Ferrata (20 minutes distance).

So, we are continuing towards “Veliko okno” and Via-Ferrata „Vučji zub” for only 15 meters and approaching turning to Via-Ferrata. In the beginning, we are passing between large stone blocks and just after that we enter steep grassy slope. Before immediate approaching Via-Ferrata “Vučji zub”, we have to pass about 100 m of gravelly surface.

Within the Via-Ferrata, we have four vertical sections (three shorter and one longer section) and one almost vertical part, which gives the difficulty rating mark B/C to this Via-Ferrata.

After reaching the end of Via-Ferrata, movement should be continued to the right, that is towards peak “Vučji zub”. Please be careful and try not to cause rocks-fall towards ferrata and potential other climbers. From the peak, follow the trail towards “Dobri do” and go further back towards “Ubla”.

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