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Hit the trail full of living history, set with the dedication, rebelliousness, and resilience of our ancestors. Have a taste of what has created our towns’ identity and development for over 200 years. Set along a 29.7-kilometer hiking trail “Pot Srečno”, which connects Laško, Hrastnik, Trbovlje and Zagorje ob Savi. Discover the path permeated with miners’ legacy, which unites, marks, and forms our localities. Admire the mighty heritage engraved in our hearts and our breath, and in this way, really get to know the unique influence of the eternal black treasure hidden beneath the surface.

The ”Pot Srečno” hiking trail is suitable for curious hikers, bright explorers, bikers, and horse riders. The path’s name stands for the typical miners’ greeting “SREČNO” (t/n: Good luck!), still used today. The vast majority of the trail leads through nature, where you can admire the rugged hilly area, with coal hidden underneath, which united the locals forever. The path is full of conserved facilities and technical heritage exhibits. You can use it for a walk, recreation, and relaxation, as well as for a tour of the natural sites of special interests and cultural monuments focusing on mining heritage.

You can try the entire trail from Laško, through Hrastnik and Trbovlje, all the way to Zagorje or vice versa and see if you embody the resilience of a miner, the right physical fitness, and strong will. You can also use separate trails, though, for recreation. The path is 29.7km in length, Laško adding its 7.7km, Hrastnik 9.3km, Trbovlje 7.8 km, and Zagorje ob Savi 4.9km. We wish you ‘Good luck’ (t/n: English term for ‘Srečno’).

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