Strunjan Landscape Park

Detailed Information

Pilot area Strunjan Landscape Park is a preserved piece of nature in the Gulf of Trieste, which is unique due to its location by the sea. It was established in 1990 by the municipality of Izola and Piran on the basis of the valid Act on Natural and Cultural Heritage. The natural attributes of the Strunjan Peninsula, its Mediterranean climate and lee position in particular, have enabled the population of this area and the development of traditional economic activities in harmony with nature. Dispersed settlement, terrace farming, an inshore fishery and artisanal salt making have moulded a cultural landscape characterised by a variety of living and cultural environments. Saltpans, which are part of the cultural landscape with dispersed settlement, rural hedges and terraces separated by dry-stone walls, allows a quality co-existence of man and nature.

Landscape Park Strunjan covers 428.6 hectares, comprising a 4 km long shore of the Gulf of Trieste. The area of the park extends over the Strunjan Peninsula from Simon Bay to the mouth of the Strunjan River, including a 200 m long sea belt and the inner part of Strunjan Bay. Within the park there are three areas protected at lower state levels: Strunjan Nature Reserve, Strunjan Stjuža Nature Reserve, and Pine Trees Avenue Natural Monument.

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