Route: Old town Trebinje – Eco Camp “Ušće”

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Route: Old town Trebinje – Eco Camp “Ušće”

The route includes visits to old town Trebinje and traveling the distance along the road Trebinje-Nikšić of about 15 km towards Eco Camp “Ušće” and nearby jaunting/picnic area “Jazina”

Old town Trebinje

Trebinje Old Town, known as “Castel”, originate from XVIII century. During first four decades it was called “Ban-vir” according to the nearby place where river Trebišnjica was the deepest.

In terms of development of the town in Ottoman’s period, the most meritorious person was Osman-paša Resulbegović. That was the time when the trading area around the town was formed.

A moat (canal around the town), filled with water from Trebišnjica, was built in 1715. In front of the main entry gate (today’s tunnel), over the moat, there was a draw-bridge protecting the main entrance. Later, after the WW1, on advice by doctor Levi and due to a possibility of epidemic diseases, canal was filled and levelled. The idea for reviving of the moat is really interesting and there are existing and actual projects for its reconstruction.

Old town “Castel” was initially triangle-shaped, becoming rounded over time. Works on fortification were continued during coming years, and its final shaping with towers, ramparts and the moat, was formed by the end of 4th decade of XVIII century.

Architecture style within the central part of town clearly indicates merging of Oriental and Mediterranean influences. Until 1878, town development took place mainly within the fortification walls. Along with Austro-Hungarian occupation, it takes the function of military camp when its main barrack was built on the location of today’s Museum of Herzegovina.

Today, this is one of the most significant tourist attractions in Trebinje with fortification walls and Museum of Herzegovina and Osman-paša’s Mosque placed inside.

Eco Camp “Ušće”

Eco-Center “Ušće”, located in the village of “Lastva” on the northern boundaries of Nature Park Orjen, on the banks of the river “Sušica” and near the confluence of the “Sušica” and “Trebišnjica” rivers, was built in 2007 for the needs of organizing various youth programs. Emphasizing the importance of ecology and the acceptance of healthy lifestyles to young people are its main objectives.

During the summers, Eco Camp “Ušće” arranges multi-day youth camps with a programs including environmental, educational and sports workshops and events. It covers an area of 10,000 m2 with accommodation capacity for 60 people, kitchen with dining area, arranged space for workshops, multifunctional area for sports etc.

The capacities of the facilities, apart from the aforementioned services, are also used by tourists for camping, as well as by local population and guests of Trebinje who use to come for day trips or just swimming in the “Sušica” river.

Eco Camp “Ušće” is an ideal place for organizing tours and stays in nature, so it is frequently visited by tourists who spend their holidays in Trebinje. Nearby, it is possible to visit Austro-Hungarian Imperial Vineyards, small local wineries, “Klobuk” Fortress, Roman Bridge in the village of “Vučija”, Church of St. Michael the Archangel in “Arandjelovo” and get familiar with local culture and traditional way of life (local dishes, customs, architecture, agricultural production, crafts, etc.) of local population.

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