Nature Park "Hutovo Blato"- The Istup waterfall- River Bregava

Detailed Information

-This route gives you the opportunity to see some of the beauties in BiH-

 „Hutovo Blato Nature Park,

  was founded in 1995. It is located in southeastern Herzegovina, on the left side of the Neretva River in the municipalities of Čapljina and Stolac. It covers an area of 7411 ha. It is considered one of the largest wintering grounds for birds in Europe. In 1998., the International Council for the Protection of Birds (ICBP) included “Hutovo blato” on the list of internationally important bird habitats. Then in 2001. Hutovo Blato Nature Park is listed in the list of wetlands of international importance according to the methodology of the Ramsar Convention and is registered with the UNESCO Directorate in Paris.

The Istup waterfall, over 200 meters high, forms the Svilica stream, which flows into the Radimlje river, and is a kind of jewel of untouched natural environment and hydrographic rarity. Until 1991., this area was also part of the mouflon reserve.

The river Bregava,



(old names Arion in Roman times and Vidoštica in the Middle Ages) is a left tributary of the Neretva river in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Passing through Stolac, it makes waterfalls and cascades, flows on various levels, makes adas. The rugged coast provides access to water in many places, providing the inhabitants of Stolac with a special connection to the river. Gardens, baths, and residential complexes have been formed on adas. There are many beautiful beaches along the coast of Bregava, such as Kreševac beach.



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