Link itinerary (Bologna-Monteveglio) to the Piccola Cassia ancient roman way

Detailed Information

The itinerary allows the visitor to undertake an experiential journey through natural and cultural heritage in the area of Bologna. It starts at eXtraBO, the tourist info-point dedicated to outdoor activities. Here visitors can pick up a paper map dedicated to the new route (also available for online consultation and download), as well as requesting specific information for accommodation and catering services, as well as specific events to enjoy the journey at its best. The itinerary can be undertaken in modular stages on foot or by bicycle leading tourists and local visitors to discover along the journey 15 natural and cultural points of interest of the city of Bologna and surroundings villages:

  1. Basilica of San Francesco
  2. The Grada Factory
  3. La “Certosa” – Monumental Cemetery
  4. Paraporti Scaletta o Casa del Ghiaccio, San Luca e Verocchio
  5. The little lawn & the sluice of Casalecchio
  6. The Hermitage of Tizzano
  7. Via Tizzano – viewpoint
  8. The Gessaroli’s path
  9. San Lorenzo in collina
  10. Outcrops of Montemaggiore
  11. Church of di San Cristoforo
  12. Ancient village of Oliveto
  13. Monteveglio’s Abbey Regional Park
  14. Abbey and Town of di Monteveglio
  15. Castle of Bazzano – archaeological museum
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