Nemouta watrefalls hiking

Detailed Information

Nemouta waterfalls or otherwise called Haratsari waterfalls are a new “treasure” of natural beauty in the Ancient Olympia area!
Up until recently a hidden and unknown to the general public point of natural beauty of Ilia, emerges lately thanks to the perseverance of a group of young people. The eight beautiful waterfalls of the stream of  Haratsari excite anyone who visits the area.

North of Ancient Olympia, at the limits of the shires of Ilia and Arcadia next to river canyon of Erymanthos are the twenty beautiful varying in size (from 15 to 45 meters) waterfalls of the stream of Haratsari.

Quided tours are offered by Hotel Pelops but preregistration is required. The hike can be done daily and takes aproximately 3 hours. Lunch is available after the hike in nearby tavernas of the village of Nemouta. You can’t go wrong mixing things up with the locals!

The hike is an experience worth trying and is very easy to do. People of all ages have completed the hike, from 6 year olds to 86!!
Driving from Olympia to Nemouta takes about 25 to 30 minutes.

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