Ecomuseum Žumberak

Detailed Information

Nature Park Žumberak – Samobor Highlands as a mayor natural heritage area in Zagreb metropilitan area with vast political influence as a crucial capital’s natural heritage’s protected area. Nature Park Žumberak – Samobor Highlands is one of 10 nature parks, and one of two (2) “youngest” nature parks in Croatia. Based on its unique nature and history, on May 28th 1999, the area of Žumberak – Samobor Highlands was declared a protected natural value by a decision of the Croatian Parliament: the Nature Park. It is managed by the Public Institution “Nature Park Žumberak – Samobor Highlands ” established by the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Croatia on September 16th 1999. According to the Nature Protection Act (Official Gazette, 80/13), economic and other activities and interventions are allowed in the nature park, as long as they are not endangering its characteristics and role. Nature Park Žumberak – Samobor Highlands is a vast natural or partially cultivated area of great biodiversity characterized by valuable natural and ecological features and distinct landscape, and very special cultural-historical values – it has a very significant role and impact of natural and cultural heritage site, with great economic, social, spatial-environmental and policital importance, which makes it a perfect pilot action for this project. Promoting the heritage value of the area and its population in the project, was aimed to give economic effects thanks to the development of tourism, and the increased social and economic value of the destination in the market is the result of strengthening the overall heritage identity of its territory. Tourism is an important resource, but it is crucial for tourist area to have a recognizable cultural and natural characterization, an authentic identity that works to increase the quality of everyday life of their residents. It is an innovative concept of branding and interpretation of heritage and destination managemet.

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