Special Nature Reserve Zasavica

Detailed Information

Zasavica was put under the protection of the state in 1997 as a natural value of exceptional importance for the Republic of Serbia. Its total area is 1,825 ha with 675 ha in the first-degree protection regime. Zasavica is the habitat of several hundred bird, animal and fish species. In the scope of the programme of conservation of the autochthonous cattle breeds, Mangulitsa pigs and Podolian cattle are bred on the open pastures.  Pristine landscapes, authentic folklore features, and cultural-historical monuments make Zasavica a unique tourism entity. Relaxation, recreation, sailing, nature observation and nature study are unique tourist experiences offered to the visitors all year round. Educational programmes for pupils and students with the aim of studying natural values are recommended through one day or several days’ visits with the professionally prepared programme of activities. Tourist offer includes tourist boat sightseeing, visitors’ centre, souvenir shop, 2 rooms (total of 7 beds), restaurant, ethnographic-historical exhibition of old household items and agricultural tools from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, educational walking tours and campsite. Many unique, eco-friendly and healthy products such as donkey cheese,  facial cream made of the donkey’s milk, and food products from Mangulitsa pig meat can be bought here.

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