Perko’s farmstead

Detailed Information

Perkov salaš is located at the hill from which there is a stunning view of the Fruška Gora mountain. It is surrounded by vineyards, orchards, arable land and pastures. Perkov salaš represents the simplicity and functionality of the hard-working life of the local population, the farmers of Srem who have been living in accord with well-preserved customs, heritage and tradition for centuries. Perkov salaš is the initiator of rural tourism development in the municipality of Irig and has an essential role in preserving the cultural heritage of the area. It was opened for tourist visits in 1999. It was named after the nickname of the owner’s ancestor. The authentic rural ambiance is its main feature. The rural house was turned into a museum of old clothes and decorations, furniture and traditional agricultural tools used by the older generations of the family. It also houses certain artifacts older than 150 years. It has 5ha of farming land where organic fruit is grown. In charming surroundings, the visitors enjoy the cuisine of Srem and the finest local wine, brandy and juice prepared traditionally. Salaš has an indoor restaurant seating 40 people and an outdoor restaurant seating 60 people.

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