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Who We Are:
More than an advertising and printing company.

We welcome you to the world of our company, to the modern face of the company MULTIPRODUCTION, the only advertising company in the prefecture of Ilia with vertical production, which can meet your requirements immediately and qualitatively.

Our company with steady steps of development and modernization dynamically gives the present to the Greek advertising reality, a fact that results from the best possible combination of human resources and the perfection of the most modern equipment.

Because we strongly believe in the unique man Factor and our own people really believe in the customer and exhaust the power of technology.

This” special environment ” has proven for years now in a nationwide range the reliability and excellent effectiveness of MULTIPRODUCTION in the perspective of which we believed, leaving always open the window to the future, while giving us the satisfaction to share each time the joy of creative productivity, with unique horizon the increasing quality requirements of today, which every customer trusts us to implement responsibly.

Our specialized staff, our mechanical equipment and our wide range of products guarantee the successful result of your advertising.

Our company gives you the following data from which it shows the integrity it has for the implementation of each task assigned to it.

We would like to thank you for the trust you show us with your choice and to promise you that we will constantly improve to provide the most advanced in advertising.


Yours sincerely



Lefteris Varouxis

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