Agriturismo Franco Giassi - Žagar (Kmetija in Izletniška kmetija Franco Giassi - Žagar)

Detailed Information

The activity of our farm dates back to the beginning of the last century. Our “nonots” grew early vegetables, so-called “primizia” in their fields. Today, we continue the tradition of growing early vegetables, but in smaller quantities. The most important crop on our farm is persimmon, a highly recommended fruit in a healthy diet, as it is also called the food of the gods. It is full of minerals and useful vitamins and is ideal for the treatment of golden veins.
The farm is also known for the production of the indigenous variety of artichokes, which have a unique taste and have a beneficial effect on the functioning of the liver, gall bladder and digestion.

The desire to socialize, present the farm and taste our produce and products convinced us to arrange a place in the cellar for such activities, lectures, meetings and register the farm as a Tourist Farm.
In addition to tastings, we prepare home-made cold cuts, depending on the time of year, we also serve home-grown fresh vegetables and fruits, home-pickled vegetables, desserts, especially persimmons, all organically grown. We try to offer dishes typical of this area, such as bakala-cod on white, fish in marinade, and if desired, we also cook stew (Istrian berries, jota). Good food also includes quality wine, in our canteen we serve good Refošk and equally good Malvasia.

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