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The Hotels Association of Pyrgos is a non-profit professional association based in Pyrgos Elias, whose members are all the Hotel Businesses operating in the municipality of Pyrgos. It was re-established in 2015.

The association’s aims include the study, preservation and promotion of the social, professional and financial interests of its members as well as the promotion of the city of Pyrgos as a tourist destination in close cooperation with local and regional authorities that play a defining role in the development of tourism in the area.

By participating in the Tourist Organisation of Peloponnese we join forces in promoting Peloponnese as a unified tourist destination.

Any Hotel business operating within Pyrgos municipality can be a member of our association.


The Managing Board:


President: Zacharopoulos Gerasimos (Hotel Marily)

Vice President: Xanthi Svouka (Hotel Pantheon)

Secretary: Vriniotis Athanasios (Hotel Vriniotis)

Curator: Kapnisis Apostolos (Hotel Ionion Sea)

Treasurer: Nikolakopoulos Eleftherios (Hotel Zorbas)

Member: Mpallas Georgios (Hotel Anagennisis)


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