Epi tis alos

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Βασιλέως Παύλου, Επιτάλιο Ηλείας, Pyrgos Ileias 270 58
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“Epi tis alos” stands for “on the sea”

The “Epi tis alos” non profit organization of Epitialion has as its main purpose the promotion of the rich cultural heritage and the collective memory of Epitialion.  Epitalion is located on the shores of the Ionian Sea, 12 kilometers west of Ancient Olympia.

An important activity of the non profit organization is the “Digital Epitalio” (https://digitalepitalio.gr/), i.e. the digitization of photographic and audio-visual material as well as texts, in the context of the “Digital Culture” project funded by the Greek  Ministry of Culture.

At the same time, the “Epi tis Alos” non profit organization aims to bring the residents of the wider area of ​​Epitalion into contact with the whole range of modern cultural currents, music, theater, visual arts as a whole. For this purpose, the “Epitalion Festival” was created, which hopefully is in its fourth year. Indicative of some of the actions of the “Epitalion Festival” are the classical music, jazz, and therapeutic music evenigs, a photography exhibition, a painting exhibition with an internationally renowned artist, etc. However, the organization’s main concern remains the strengthening of relations and the creation of bonds between the members of the local community, which will form a solid basis for the continuation of all those activities that make up a society.

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Epi tis alos
Βασιλέως Παύλου, Επιτάλιο Ηλείας, Pyrgos Ileias 270 58
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