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Manolopoulou 52, Pyrgos Ileias 27131
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Our company Nikolaos Kondylis-Konstantinos Reglis and Associates Private Capital Company with distinctive title APG SOLUTIONS P.C. was founded in 2018 in Pyrgos, Ilia and provides services in the fields of Accounting, Finance, Taxation and management of Labor and insurance issues addressed to small, medium and medium-sized enterprises of the Greek economy. APG SOLUTIONS also offers its services to individuals and individuals.

APG SOLUTIONS relies on highly specialized and trained staff and partners to provide high quality services, aiming at the creation of sound economic and production units.

The organizational structure and experience of APG SOLUTIONS, allows it to utilize the knowledge and experience of its executives and to meet the requirements of companies which are high due to the highly competitive environment.

Each customer is unique with unique substance and needs and that is why APG SOLUTIONS aims at the personalized satisfaction of its customers ‘ needs.

Besides, the triptych of success that we apply for each economic unit-business is:

1. Analysis: our office analyzes all financial, tax, insurance and administrative data (“profiles”) of the client as well as of the sector of activity to which the latter belongs in order to have the ultimate picture at all levels.

2. Plan (plan – plan): after analyzing all the data of the 1st phase, we create the financial and administrative plan for the customer that includes short-term and long-term budget (“compass” of the business), action planning and business planning.

3. Growth: when the 2nd phase is completed, we fully implement the design we have developed on behalf of the customer in order to develop and consolidate it in the sector it belongs to and in the market in general.

The development and support of entrepreneurship through innovation are at the heart of APG SOLUTIONS ‘ philosophy and constitute the A and Z of its services.

APG SOLUTIONS has as its central service core four categories:

1. Accounting-Tax Services

2. Economic development services

3. Labor and insurance services

4. Consultant services

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