Municipality of Piran

Detailed Information

The municipality of Piran is by far the most developed Slovenian municipality in terms of tourism and one of the most important centers of congress, spa, casino and nautical tourism in the northern Mediterranean. The source of the prosperity of the municipality of Piran is not only the extraordinary natural attractions that stir the imagination of tourists all over the world, but the spirit of equality, tolerance and mutual respect that two nations have built on the same piece of land throughout history. People who immigrated from various parts of Slovenia and also from other countries live in Piran. They forged bonds of coexistence with each other and, despite many differences, preserved the indigenous culture and those values that today are consolidated by a united Europe. Piran is also a temple of culture and a treasure trove of art, a place of many events, concerts and exhibitions. A municipality that is enlivened by an internationally diversified educational activity and a wide range of business opportunities. A place of relaxation and extraordinary challenges.

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